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Notes on Fox River Trail and Prairie Trail

Posted by DaveC on May 7, 2007

I haven't been too active., but I'd like to give some info about how to do the Fox River Trail, and a oart of the Prairie trail from points north. My general idea is how to get to a good starting point, which is the Otto Engineering parking lot in Carpentersville. This is about 1/2 hour south of Wauconda, which you can reach starting from Hwy 59, if you know how get there. I live off of 137, (You can get to 137 from 41, and don't have to use the tollway!) and can take this toward Midlothian Road then south on 59 around downtown. An Alternative is to get to Hwy 12 and exit on 59 south at Wauconda.

Go to Hwy 68 south of Barrington. Take a right at big intersection w/ Algonquin road, this is Hwy 68 and turn left at next light. Then go a ways on 68, a pretty road until reaching Hwy 25. Take a right. Turn left at 1st stoplight past the big cylindrical "Carpentersville" water tower. Turn left on Williams until you get to Main street. Just before the bridge, turn north into a parking lot at Otto Engineering.

Great paved trail, 5 miles south to Elgin, 9 miles N to Algonquin, and an interesting 4 miles to Crystal Lake by a gravel mine, before you get into all the street traffic.

Lots of little kids on the trail, though - be careful!

Cool little town, East Dundee, on the way, with a very popular Dairy Queen. There are 3-4 bike shops, if I remember correctly - certainly E Dundee, Algonquin and Crystal Lake. Going south is more houses. North is very nice riverfront, Forest Preserves, etc.

This is a great bike ride, probably documented more than most, but if you haven't done it, you owe it to yourself to try it out.

I wrote down better directions with some mileages, I'l send 'em if I can find 'em.