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The Parkside Trails are now listed on, so you can post and view ski trail reports there at


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Is there a specific address for the Parkside trails. In case someone wanted to enter it into their GPS unit?



--Dave 17:33, 25 November 2008 (CST) I don't believe there is. I tried entering an approximate street address in my GPS and it didn't like it (I tried 4500 CR-JR). Most GPSs probably have Petrifying Springs park in them, which will get them in the neighborhood, but they will still need to find the trailhead. I think you'll find a lot of trailheads don't have an address you can enter into a vehicle GPS navigation system. I generally have to set up trailheads manually in mine (I either set them up in another program and then import them, or just manually locate them on the GPS map).