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Mountain Bike Trail Comments

--Visitor 10:57, 12 December 2006 (CST)In regards to the Lapham Peak mountain bike trail across the main gate entrance here is a little more info. They used to allow MTB riding on some of the ski trails at Lapham Peak about 6 years ago. It was very nice! They began to make the trails across the street about that time and without trees and other vegetation, it was pretty desolate and, well, boring! It has gotten better!

Also, they used to run a Cyclocross race there each Fall.

1) Parking for the trails is located inside the main gate entrance-lower level-adjacent to HWY C. From there take a short (100') marked trail to cross the street to the MTB trails.

2) The trail system is improving due in large part to the trees maturing, thus creating a more scenic venue. There are basically 4 short loops or take the "outside" loop to create a little over 4 mile loop. There is a mixture of double track and single track riding with mostly rolling terrain but there are at least two nice short uphills as well as a few nice quick downhills.

It does make for a nice and accessible trail system close to the Hwy 94 and does allow one to get in some nice riding time wiothout having to travel all the way to the Kettles. (Of course, it's hard to beat the Kettles!)

Another nice point about the trails at Lapham is that there are plenty of benches around the course for those just starting out or for those that are just there for a leisure time.