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For Fee/Permits, The WDNR site for Kettle Moraine North Camping links to [] for information about camping fees.

Hi, I saw this page. I could add a bit more on some of this. For the Ice Age Trail, the one Point of Interest you omit (further north) is called Brady's Rocks, which is in Waukesha Co. north of Wilton Rd. and west of HWY 67. Could also add some more about camping (shelters and otherwise), Kettle Moraine and the Ice Age Trail in general. Should I put some suggestions here or would you want me to possibly add stuff? Let me know. Cool site and really nice job with the maps! MDuchek 01:52, 29 August 2010 (UTC)


Generally - The Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation changed its name to the Ice Age Trail Alliance recently. So you can update this wherever you have it.

Fees/permits - Fees may be required if parking within state/county lands that require permits (i.e., state/county parks). Camping in KMSF is permitted at 3 shelters along the trail - there are also some at Kettle Moraine North I think. Permit required.

Maps - The big one that needs to be mentioned is the maps from the Ice Age Trail Alliance itself.

First off they have a new web site with a new Google Maps powered map of the whole trail, with information bubbles along the way. People should check this to provide info on re-routes and updated conditions.

More importantly though, the IATA puts out maps and a guide to the trail. The maps come in a binder and will be updated some time in the next few years. The guide gives overviews by county/segment. These are available from the IATA (discount for members) or from local bookstores and stores like REI.

Both of these are essential for those interested in hiking the trail.

As for Waukesha Co., I am working on the Waukesha Co. segments. Just completed yesterday all of the KM Waukesha Co. South segments. Have also done some other segments in Waukesha Co. including the Lapham Peak segments.

I can try to do a Waukesha Co. page, but there aren't as many landmarks except for the aforementioned Brady's Rocks. They also started something called ColdCaching for those interested, which is like geocaching, but focuses on these natural features.

MDuchek 16:28, 30 August 2010 (UTC)