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Milwaukees best kept mountain bike trails

All of the research on where to bike next and there is one trail that I cant find online, which in my opinion is the best riding you can find without leaving town. located on milwaukees popular east side along the east and west side of the river between about north and hampton aveenues,watch for hikers, total is about 6-8 hard packed miles,100 -150 ft o elevation change,depending on what route you take(top ,mid, bottom, all connected),also lining the river valley, it keeps really nice riding conditions, if it rains in the morn, you can ride in the afternoon. You will experience everything from ups and downs like a roller coaster, home made bridges upkept by myself and other local riders, A 75 ft x 20 ft naturally eroded halfpipe(below riverside HS), which is always a blast to ride a few times,technical decends, and climbs,old crumbly staircases,chutes that drop all the way down,abandoned structures, rock gardens and root patches that will make you fell like your bike is actually a jack hammer,downed trees occasionly. This place is an absolute blast, for free riders, XC ,ers+ bmx ers. there are no trail markers, but just follow the river, and if you get lost somehow, travel east(west will take you to the hood,also park east of river(estabrook park)) and endless combos of trails, The icing on the cake, There is even 3 local bike shops, within a few miles. You will need nuts,a helmet, and a quality bike, these trails can test you to the max. Also if you like these trails, my favorites are,lake bluffs/7 bridges, kettle moraine, pets park kenosha, crystal ridge/alpha trails, hoyt park Enjoy! --Visitor 18:14, 13 November 2007 (CST)