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Copyright Policy:

All content on is copyright protected. This protection applies to maps, photos, textual content and other graphics. Ownership of content remains with the creator of the content, not with In publishing content on, the creator agrees to allow to display their content on the website and allow the general public to print or otherwise reproduce the content for their own personal use. Personal use is defined as printing or otherwise reproducing no more than 5 copies to be used by the person.

Content may not be, sold, redistributed, or republished in any form without the written permission of the copyright holder. This permission must clearly specify each page as a separate permission and can only be granted by the creator of that specific page. If contact information for the copyright holder is not provided on the specific page, it must be assumed that no permissions can be granted.

For more general information on copyright, visit or, for a version written specifically for kids, check out

Linking Policy:

  • Other web sites may link to individual trail pages provided they do not display the page in a frame or otherwise change the presentation of the page.
  • Linking directly to image files (maps, photos, etc) or embedding them in another web site is strictly prohibited.