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Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy without notice.

  • We will not sell or share your personal information, nor will we use it to contact you for purposes other than administration purposes related to your account.
  • Registered users should be aware that if they include their email address in their user profile (not required, but necessary for some key features) and then use the "E-mail this user" function, that their email address will appear in the email sent to the other user. However, users sending email to you through the "E-mail this user" function will not see your email address unless you reply to their email.
  • If you anonymously (not logged in) submit content (or edit a page), your IP address will appear in the page history and possibly in the message itself. This information will be available to the general public. It is technically possible (though usually very difficult) to track an IP address to a specific user or ISP account. We may use your IP address to block you from the site or pursue legal action if malicious conduct is observed.
  • If you include personal information (such as your email address) in articles or posts on discussion pages, be aware that spammers and other internet vermin can (and probably will) abuse this information.
  • does use cookies in order for certain functions to work. In addition, our servers may collect information on site visitors for statistical purposes (tracking page visits, paths, time spent on site, etc).