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Peorio Park Nature Trails

Kenosha County, Wisconsin

Peorio Park Nature Trails - Kenosha

Small trail system (approximately 2 miles of trails) that passes through woodlands, prairies, and wetlands with access to the Pike River and a small creek. Trails suitable for hiking, biking, or cross-country skiing.

  • Terrain / Scenery: Scenic woodlands and wetlands. Easy mostly flat terrain with a couple of hills. Most trails are crushed stone surfaced.
  • Fees / Permits: None
  • Trail Conditions: You can post trail reports on Discussion Tab.
  • Trail Markings: Unmarked, map at trailhead.
  • Official Web Page: No official page
  • Getting There: Peorio Park trailhead is located on the far north side of Kenosha on 20th Avenue south of County Road E.

Map of Peorio Park Nature Trails in Kenosha

With only about 2 miles of trails, this is a rather small trail system, but for a city park trail system it is rather impressive. This is a relatively new trail system and even though it has a highly developed trailhead, I think most area residents are unaware of its existence.

The main trail (shown in Orange on my map) is a wide crushed-stone surfaced trail that is suitable for hiking, biking, or cross-country skiing. The terrain is mostly flat but there are a couple of hills in the southeast section of the trail (hills are marked on my map). The southern portion of this system runs mostly through scenic woodlands, loosely following the small creek. There are occasional side trails (shown in brown on my map) that lead to the creek or to the Pike River. These side trails are mainly narrow natural surfaced trails (these are not official trails and are therefore not maintained).

The far northern portion of the system runs through prairie and wetlands areas and is very flat. Running through the center of the trail system is a gravel access road (shown in Yellow on my map) that can be used as an optional trail. There is also a mowed grass connector trail (shown Green on map) and an open grassy area.

These trails are not marked and the only map is located at the trailhead. The color-coding on my map is for descriptive purposes only.

There is now a connector trail that allows you to get from the ball diamond area to the trails. The trail is located by the ball diamond parking lot, it is crushed stone and does have a somewhat steep downhill and uphill near where the bridge crosses the small creek.

The North Shore Bike Trail is located nearby (shown Red on map). See Kenosha Area Bike Paths for more info.

Overall, this is a nice little trail system to take a walk or as a side trip from a bike ride on the North Shore Bike Trail. It's a bit short for cross-country skiing, but for local skiers looking for a little variety it's worth an occasional visit.


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