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Harley Woods

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Trail photo from Harley Woods
Map of trails in Harley Woods

Harley Woods, located along the Menomonee River in Milwaukee County, is the most recent project of the Metro Mountain Bikers and currently has a small loop of designated mountain bike trails. The park also has hiking trails and a section of the Oak Leaf Trail.

  • Terrain / Scenery: Scenic trails running through the wooded area along Menomonee River. Trails are narrow natural-surfaced singletrack..
  • Fees / Permits: None
  • Trail Conditions: The Metro Mountain Bikers provide trail conditions on their hotline at (414) 297-9616 option #2.
  • Trail Markings: Directional posts.
  • Getting There: Park is located west of Milwaukee in Wauwatosa, just east of highway 45 between Capital Drive and Hampton Ave. Here is a Google Maps link to Harley Woods

Parking is available along the Menomonee River Parkway.

Note: "Harley Woods" may not be the official name for this property, so don't look for it on a map. I'm using that name because that is the name the Metro Mountain Bikers use.

Map Notes: This is a quick map I put together to show the general location of the new designated mountain bike trails. The Metro Mountain Bikers are currently working on this trail system and I expect they will be adding more trail. There is also a designated hiking trail (not shown) that intersects with the mountain bike trails, and numerous informal trails located in this area.

Mountain Biking

Harley woods is the most recent undertaking by the Metro Mountain Bikers. The current (as of 2008) designated trail is not very long (I'm really not sure how long it is, maybe about a mile and a half), but it is quality trail and there looks to be a lot of potential in this area for additional trail.

You can access the trail from the north side of Capital Drive. You'll see two trails heading into the woods, one is a hiking trail, the other is the mountain bike trail (there are posts marking the trails). The first half of the loop is really flowy and has a gradual downhill grade. The return portion of the loop is tighter and has some slower slightly more technical features.

There are numerous sections of additional "informal trail" located in Harley Woods along the Menomonee River (as there is all along the Menomonee River in this area), but since the Metro Mountain Bikers are in the process of legitimizing these trails, I would stick with the designated trails.

Also, if you live in the area you may want to consider helping out with trail construction and maintenance. You can check the Metro Mountain Bikers website for more info.


Though I don't show them on the map, there are some designated hiking trails that run through the same area as the mountain bike trails. There are also numerous informal trails located throughout this area.

Oak Leaf Trail

There is a paved section of the Oak Leaf Trail running through the park on the East side of the river (see map) in the northern portion of the park.

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