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New Munster Marsh Wildlife Area - Kenosha County, Wisconsin

New Munster Marsh is a 1,199 acre Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Area and contains the 11.55 acre New Munster Bog Island State Natural Area. There are no official marked trails, but there are many man-made and animal trails throughout the area. The area is open to hiking, cross-country skiing, possibly biking, and hunting. Make sure to wear blaze orange during the hunting seasons.

  • Terrain / Scenery: Flat to gently rolling hills with a few steeps thrown in for fun, forests and open fields around a marsh.
  • Fees / Permits: None.
  • Trail Conditions: You can post or view trail reports on this site by clicking the Discussion tab
  • Trail Markings: Trails are not marked.
  • Facilities: None, small community park on the northern edge may have restrooms.
  • Official Web Page: WI DNR-New Munster Wildlife Area WI DNR-New Munster Bog Island
  • Getting There: Park is bordered by Hwy 50 on the north, County Road F on the south, County Road JI on the east and County Road KD on the west. The main parking lot is off KD. There is additional parking at the Randall town hall on F, the community park on Geneva Road and in the Lily Lake subdivision.

Map of New Munster Marsh Kenosha Wisconsin Top Portion Map of New Munster Marsh Kenosha Wisconsin Bottom Portion

Map Notes: The blue trail is what I consider the main trail. It is a little more than 3 miles. The red trails are secondary trails that I have been on and there are many others that I have not yet ventured down. The woods have expanded some since the topo map was created, but for the most part if it's flat and not a marsh it is probably a farm field.

Hiking: The hiking here is a combination of trails running through the woods and around the perimeter of farm fields and marshes/wetlands. Trail surface is a combination of grass and dirt/mud. Some trails may not be accessible during warmer weather (the blue trail is generally always accessible). Dogs must be on leash during nesting season (April to July, I believe). The rest of the year they can run loose, but please don't let them be a nuisance to people or animals and be ready to pick off the burrs.

Cross-Country Skiing: The trails are not groomed and you can expect a few hikers on the trails in winter. Much of the area that is not accessible during the summer becomes accessible during the winter when the marsh freezes over.

Mountain Biking: I haven't ridden my bike here yet, and I'm not sure if it is allowed, but it would probably be an enjoyable ride.

--Andyphelps 16:24, 26 March 2008 (CDT)