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Sanders Park

Racine County, Wisconsin

Trail photo from Sanders Park

A small quiet county park with a little more than one mile of trails running through a heavily wooded area (the wooded area is actually Sander's Park Hardwoods State Natural Area )

This is a rather small trail system, but may be worthwhile if you're looking for a short quiet walk through the woods. The park has an interesting design in that there is a circular (actually rectangular) drive the runs through the park. On the outside of the road there are various small parking/picnic areas (I don't show them on the map), and in the center of the park is a heavily wooded area with a series of trails. There is also an open area in the center (see map). The trails may seem a bit confusing due to numerous intersections, but the trails are so short that it's pretty hard to get lost (you usually just end up out on the road or in the open area). I didn't spend a whole lot of time on this map, so it's likely that there may be additional trails not shown or that my mapped trails may not be entirely accurate, but I think it gives a pretty good idea of what's out there. Most of the trail's surface is covered with wood chips and is maybe six feet wide or so, though there are some sections that may be narrower natural surfaced trail.

Map of trails in Sanders Park

The area where the trails are located is designated as a State Natural Area (officially known as Sander's Park Hardwoods) and is actually quite scenic, although rather small. You can click the previous link for the DNR page.

I don't really get out here much because I can't bring my dog (dogs aren't allowed in Racine County Parks, and I don't like to hike without my dog), and there's not enough trail for skiing or mountain biking (bikes may not even be allowed because of the Natural Area designation). But, if you're in the area and looking for a short quiet walk through the woods, it's worth checking out.

It's also conveniently located just a mile or two from Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha, a very scenic park with numerous trails.

Note: Dogs are not allowed in any Racine County Parks.

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