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Fossland Park/Navotny Park William Blagg Nature Trail

Trailhead in Fossland Park.

Small park(s) with a short trail through a ravine along a small creek.

  • Terrain / Scenery: Wooded ravine running along small creek.
  • Getting There: Park is located in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois on Sheridan Road and 4th Street. Google Maps Link

At about a quarter mile long, this is a very small trail. But the fact that the trail runs along a creek in a wooded ravine and has three bridge crossings and a couple of hills makes it worthwhile if you happen to be passing by.

The sign at the trailhead reads William Blagg Nature Trail, however the trail signs at the other trail entrances read Fossland /Navotny Park Nature Trail. That’s a lot of names for such a little trail. The trail apparently passes through Fossland Park and Navotny Park, though I don’t think you will actually notice Navotny Park (according to some maps, Navotny Park is located in the woods along the creek0. Fossland Park is a small park located right off of Sheridan Road in a ravine that runs along an unnamed creek. That’s right, the little trail has two or three names, but the creek that spent the last several thousand years creating the ravine that the trail passes through is nameless.

Anyway, the trail is about a quarter mile long gravel trail that has three small bridge crossings and several connector trails to nearby streets. There are a couple of hills along the trail and one in particular that can be deeply rutted due to water runoff. It’s a nice little trail to take a quick walk through or ride through on your mountain bike if you happen to be passing by. Mountain bikers may find an additional use for one of the bridges, but that’s all I’m saying.

Map of trail in Fossland Park

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